Jayme Jayne

Our Story

Since 2009

My obsession for creating organic body care products all took off when a friend of the family invited me over to show me how she made soap. That was way back when I was seventeen. I thought it was such a cool process of chemistry, I immediately was hooked!

Intrigued by the idea of creating my own body care products, I went right to work. So excited to get started, I think it was the very next day that I ran out in search of equipment & ingredients that I would need.

The first couple of years were spent learning & experiementing through mishaps & mayhem. Which included me blowing up the laboratory (AKA - the kitchen) trying my first hand at goatsmilk soap. Okay, so I didn't exactly blow it up but there really was a small explosion that destroyed part of the floor, counter, kitchen cabinet & my phone. Oopsies! As any soaper knows, you never ever dump your liquid into the lye - EVER! Yeah, not a proud moment. Luckily I didn't get hit but ever since, I always always make sure to wear my safety glasses.

So, after some hard lessons learned & then some success, I started taking my stuff to local craft shows, selling soaps, beeswax candles, sea salts, sugar scrubs & lip balms. Well... the lip moisture was a top seller! I even had return craft show customers calling me up to buy more! 

After getting married to a seriously cool dude & having kiddo #1, in May of 2009 I took the plunge & officially opened up for business. I figured this was going to be a way to bring in some bacon & still be a stay at home momma. Previous to debuting my Huckleberry & Peppermint Lip Moistures, it took a lot of time & work deciding on my business name, designing my logo, searching for businesses to sell to (which I still do to this day) etc...   

It might all sound a bit dreamy turning a hobby into a business but Jayme Jayne Inc. does not thrive without a lot of hard work & dedication. With two kids, two dogs, Justin quiting his job to become my first employee, then moving half way across the country from Eastern Washington / North Idaho area to experience some warm Arizona sunshine for a few years, then back again to North Idaho to stay, we're now about to celebrate our 7th year in business! Between the two of us (and our kiddos getting in on some of the action), we wear all of the hats to run Jayme Jayne. We mix, melt, pour, package, sell & ship direct to our awesome customers!